Rick and Johan Bruyneel discuss SalmonCycling tactics for delivering on the Alpe d’Huez . FACT. Rick taught Johan everything he knows.

At Cape Cleare Fishery we are adding a chapter to the remarkable story of the life cycle of wild salmon; we deliver by bicycle.

We have moved over 100, 000 pounds of salmon by pedal power, hauling up to 1/8 of a ton as much as 20-mile round trips.  Ninety five percent of the salmon we sell locally is delivered by bicycle.Our dedicated cyclists: Rick, Heidi and Pam, pedal this precious cargo in rain, snow and shine.

The salmon is packed in insulated boxes, strapped to our custom-fabricated trailer made from an aluminum ladder, and delivered with the same care and attention that we bring to everything we do.

We believe in bicycles as a viable alternative to motorized vehicles.  We’d like to see bicycles used more often in business and commerce.  We believe in building bicycle-friendly infrastructure to encourage more people to cycle.