At Cape Cleare Fishery we are raising the bar on the harvest of wild salmon. Our fishing practices and unique delivery system leave the smallest footprint and produce the finest results.

We believe that seafood should be harvested in sustainable ways, that fishing in Alaska is a privilege and a responsibility. We get to use the incredible natural resources that Alaska provides, but we don’t get to use them up. We believe that human and ecological health are one.

We believe in bicycles. Not just for fun, but as a viable transportation alternative, which is why 95% of the salmon we sell locally is delivered by pedal-power.

We believe in art, and we think you will too when you see the beautiful images on our website that local artists have created to encourage our efforts.

Enjoy our site – and let us know what you think. signature

~ Rick Oltman – Fisherman/Owner,  F/V Cape Cleare